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Art Therapy in Port Navalo Bretagne

"Art-Therapy Port Navalo Brittany

"Port Navalo Art Therapy" was born from my personal and professional experience for more than 15 years now in partnership with Clinical Psychologists in company seminars or individual or group sessions .

Listening to the people concerned, their expectations, their shortcomings and their needs,

The difficulty that many people have in revealing their true malaise,

The need to go beyond awareness of the difficulty, integrating progress and solutions into the daily lives of the people who consult me so that they can be actors in their recovery.


Individual child session (45min) : 50€.

Individual adult session (45min): 50€.

Group session (1h30 to 2h) : pricing according to the number of participants.

Possibility of collective sessions (regular or occasional) in a place of care or rest with the agreement of the management of the establishment.