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Press Articles

Ouest france MAY 2018

Reserved with the verb, talkative with the brush, he draws his emotions and colours his sensations. A storyteller of the senses, a chronicler of colours, it is as a surfer and sailor that he brushes the sea, as a fisherman that he draws the beach, as a gourmand that he paints the market, as a lover that he hides the face of his "Valentine" whose nostalgia follows the trace with his brush.

Madame Figaro JUNE 2018

All the arts come together in the work of Jean Fontan: Caillebotte and Riley in his wet sidewalks reflecting the dynamics of New York, Delerm in his market briefs, Carzou in the shrouds of his sailboats, Satie in the waves and Carlson in the skirts. What could be more natural for the eclectic and passionate self-taught sailor who celebrates the joy of living together every day?

The Provence JULY 2018

Jean Fontan a painter in motion and ocean racing...

His prolific creativity remains marked by his thirty years spent working for the fashion industry to the rhythm of the catwalks. A proactive painter on a daily basis, his inspirations come from the capitals where he has exhibited, such as New York, Tokyo or Brussels. From one continent to another, adept at long crossings and eclectic travels, he excels in the expression of ocean racing. His nautical theme offers him a playground where his moving surfaces reveal his dynamism.

the Republic of Alsace December 2018

A generous colorist without label

In his workshops in Port-Navalo or Brussels, Jean Fontan works tirelessly on his technique while keeping an eye on innovation and new technologies. He confidently navigates between figurative and modern painting without ever sinking into abstraction. His primary colours reveal him as a generous colourist without a label.

THE EVENING Brussels September 2019

Jean Fontan Alias NOX

An accomplished artist, master of aluminium

Between the women of modeling and the skippers of the nautical world, chance encounters have deeply marked Jean Fontan's painting style.

The serenity that emerges from this is a result of his sensitivity to feminine, urban or maritime themes and to the technical virility of an accomplished artist in his mastery of gesture.

In the foreground, or hidden in a scene of life, we must look for Valentine, the mysterious muse, dressed in a red dress in her paintings.

At the same time, the artist reveals himself through the qualities of aluminium, his favourite medium: unalterable, light-reflecting and energy-conducting.

Madame FIGARO October 2019

NOX by jean FONTAN

He spent part of his childhood in Auterive where he had his first encounters with art and discovered all the techniques. After his youth, he became acquainted with graffiti during his strolls around Berlin, Brussels and Antwerp with his friends.

The edges of the motorways and the Parisian subways are real museums for him.

It was love at first sight that led him later to survey vacant lots, railroad tracks and disused warehouses to paint on walls and perfect his skills away from view.

Self-taught, he goes from urban support to canvas and aluminum, creating works of which "Intuition Amoureuse" Nox was clearly influenced by his experience and by the modern painting of artists Banski, Ernest Pignon Ernest .......................................................................

Jean draws his inspiration from pop art classics... as well as from his daily life, his surroundings, and the street art scene. He likes to work on lettering, revisiting portraits of women or objects that have marked history or his personal history. With time, he develops a wide range of different styles, always combining graffiti, tagging, "coulours", and above all a multitude of colours.

He uses a wide range of different techniques: spray paint, stencils, drawings, molotow, brushes, ink, and sometimes even directly his hands. He constantly renews his art, likes to change techniques, change media... It is the visual impact and the shock of colours that make each of his paintings more original than the others.

His works can be seen in numerous exhibitions, festivals, art-fairs, public sales and international events, and he is represented by several galleries in France and abroad.

Brussels,Honfleur,Pont Aven,la Baule,Tokyo,Paris,New York....................