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Jean Fontan,

Born in the Gers, Jean Fontan is a painter, sculptor and graphic designer.

Jean Fontan's ultramodern works are compositions on brushed aluminum, enhanced with collages, drawings, tags or watercolors covered with a translucent resin. Jean Fontan is a multi-faceted artist ... After working in the world of fashion, he will rub shoulders with many designers, designers he will work with great fashion designers Jimmy Taverniti, Luciano Benetton, the school of Florence and Prato ...

He will come back loaded with all kinds of images that will wait for their fate while he immerses himself in his universe.

His meetings with Chambas, Soulages and the artists of Vic Fezensac will change his life. A real artistic love at first sight, the great masters lead Jean Fontan on the path of lyrical abstraction.

This path lasts about twenty years. It will be punctuated by plastic and technical discoveries, through a long and scrupulous learning, a methodical conquest of means and sources.

Jean Fontan finally decided to put to good use his reflections on his journey to discover the globe.

He concentrates on the work of the material, the graphics. Jean Fontan handles aluminium techniques to the point of elevating it to the rank of art of colour in order to stage places as mythical as New York, Berlin, Brussels, Tokyo or others more anodyne sublimated by a symbol: a female gaze, a tag, a sign, an architectural element.

Drawing and painting transform his works into paintings. Time stops, is superimposed and is inscribed in modernity in a resin case.

He organizes many personal exhibitions, participates in different events around the world (Honfleur, Pont Aven, Miami, Geneva, New York, Berlin, London, Brussels...).

Today, his studio in Port Navalo, facing the bay on the Gulf of Morbihan, offers a unique viewpoint and is the scene of his inspiration.

The Atelier des Sablons Bruxelles is a real artist's studio, this unique place is also a place of exhibition and storage of his numerous works and his private collection, where gallery owners from all over the world come to choose, in the middle of stencils and other paint bombs, the immense creations of the artist.

His paintings

Nautical regattas, the streets of New York, women (Valentine ) marked the beginning of his career.

These are now giving way to iconic portraits, "graphs" that are veritable explosions of color and characters, and abstract paintings that draw their inspiration from the work of Zao Wou Ki.

He is interested in the art of abstraction without denying his origins as a graffiti artist thanks to the expressive power of colour.

He goes beyond physical representation, he seeks emotion in his work based on digital printing in the explosion of colors, the superimposition of materials, photos, and any support he finds, where only the gesture becomes important ...

Jean Fontan handles digital printing to the point of elevating it to the rank of art of color to stage places as mythical as New York, Tokyo, Paris or others more anodyne sublimated by a symbol: a female look, a tag, a sign, an architectural element.

He paints on increasingly large formats (2 to 3 meters) with immersions in the monumental on certain facades or outdoor supports.

Thus, through the choice of themes but also the play of colors, gestures and projection, his works give off a liveliness, a unique intensity, that the translucent resin magnifies and makes shine.